How to Move Like a Champion

Triangle Dance Studios
July 2017, Durham NC

Move With Grace is excited to announce we will be offering our first How to Move Like a Champion workshop comprised of three 55-minute sessions:

  • Frame, Posture, and Promenade
  • Finding and Maintaining Balance
  • Moving From the Psoas

This workshop is designed to build technique and form into your Smooth and Standard dances so that you too can begin to learn How to Move Like a Champion.

Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Movement

Elite Ballroom
March 2017 - April 2017, Morrisville NC

Designed for dancers, this workshop  incorporates techniques from yoga, pilates, and dance to help students build overall body awareness, condition oft-neglected muscle groups, and develop more efficient, fluid, and powerful movements.  The workshop focuses on the following five areas critical to movement:

1) Muscular imbalances
2) Core strength
3) Posture
4) Balance
5) Movement from the core

Moving With Grace

Pole Play Fitness
February 2017, Raleigh NC

This workshop explored the ideas of creating quality movement, developing musical interpretation through the body, and fitting these concepts together to create beautiful movement.  Aimed at dancers without a social-dance background, this workshop focused on the fundamentals of movement and musicality to provide a basis for dancers to improve their choreography.

I had a wonderful time at this class today!! Thank you Ruth and Jordan! So much valuable information to help my dance and fun too! Please come back! - DH

Kick-Start Your Tango

Triangle Tango Immersion
August 2016, Durham NC

Triangle Tango Immersion is a series of technique-based workshops taught by local instructors designed to help dancers of all styles and levels improve and advance.  The Kick-Start Your Tango workshop introduced the walk, connection, and embrace necessary to begin dancing tango.

I attended this workshop as a complete beginner.  I came out with the confidence that I could dance a basic step in the milonga.  Jordan is a very patient and kind teacher.  He makes the lessons fun.  I really enjoyed this workshop and would happily take another one with Jordan! - MW