Private and Semi-Private Dance Lessons

Move With Grace offers private and semi-private lessons at Triangle Dance Studios in Durham, Danceformation, Inc. in Cary, Loafers Beach Club in Raleigh, or a location of your preference.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are the most individualized and in-depth method of instruction Move With Grace offers. Because the student or couple is working one-on-one with the instructor, the instructor is able to provide individually-tailored instruction and recommendations designed to give the student or couple the maximum benefit for the 55-minute lesson. If you are looking to quickly improve your dancing, then private lessons may be for you!

Private lessons are $85 per person/couple for single lessons, $410 for a package of 5 lessons, $799 for a package of 10 lessons, or $1499 for a package of 20 lessons. Lessons are 55 minutes long.

Semi-Private Lessons
Semi-private lessons are designed to give students the benefit of more individualized instruction while also creating a fun social atmosphere. These lessons are intended for groups of 3-6 people. Semi-private lessons are the perfect fusion between group and private lessons, so grab a couple friends and give it a try!

Semi-private lessons are $85 for the first two people plus $10 per each additional person, up to 8 people, for each 55-minute lesson.

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